Inner and Outer Forms of 1930s Japan

6.2.2016 | Johann Jacobs Museum


Professor Shigemi INAGA (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto)
Taisho-Period Art through the Contexts of East Asian Cultural Exchanges and East-West Dialogues
(Read by Professor Hans Bjarne Thomsen)

Professor Yoshiko INUI (Hokkaido Tokai University)
War-Related Textile Patterns and the Media

Professor Ryoichi TOBE (Teikyo University, Tokyo)
Modernization of Japan as Seen in Its Nation and in Its Military

Professor James Ketelaar (University of Chicago)
Wearing Your Country on Your Sleeve: The Kimono of Everyday Ideology


Organisiert von Prof. Dr. Hans B. Thomsen (Lehrstuhl fĂŒr Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens der UniversitĂ€t ZĂŒrich) im Rahmen der Ausstellung Omoshirogara – Japans Weg in die Moderne.